Chanced upon this and I thought, it would be so fun to have this at my reception. HEHEHE


My last post was made 7 months ago, dah berhabuk seh.

So anyway, I was on hiatus as I was doing my internship. Kirakan takda time nak update blog segala lahNow that I am graduating soon(in May, insya Allah!) and that the year is coming to an end, my mat and I need to start considering and shortlist what do we exactly want for our wedding.

I will start blogging again soon, but first, where can I find good quality bed frames eh? Preferably something like this one here:

This one’s from IKEA, but they are my mat’s least favorite furniture store.

I think the first step to work on for our wedding is for me to repaint my room, change the furniture and give away my soft toys. That’s really a lot of work hahaha

How practical is practical?

My parents have a wide range of network and it’s not necessarily a good thing. Why?  because we have wedding invites almost every month. There was this month last year, we had wedding invitations every weekend.

I’m the only child and as much as I do not want to make it a grand wedding (I’ve had thoughts of inviting only 500 people. Bukan lokek, tapi I feel like the people present to celebrate the joy of my matrimony should be the ones closest to heart), BUT my mother would always say,”You’re my only child, how is it possible to host your event on a small scale?” 

Hais… Okay. It has come to a point that I don’t bother to try – whatever floats her boat lah (padahal majlis aku tau?? hahaha).

So after all these years going to different weddings, I’ve received macam-macam jenis berkat.

From the more traditional ones like…


Redondo Luxury Cream Wafers Berkat Singapore

And recently, we received this at a family friend’s wedding. The one that made me terkejut…





Ah, amek kau Maggi curry! 5+1 in a packet. 18 packets of instant noodles for my family, you alls .

So… how practical is practical?
We definitely don’t want our money to go to waste kan? Ada pasangan yang kasi pinggan mangkuk cawan teh/kopi segala. Some makciks will put it up on display at home for 1-2 years or even use it, tapi kalau yang tak bagi chance langsung, balik rumah terus buang kita tak nampak kan?

No pun intended ye kengkawan. Maaf zahir batin kalau terguris hati, terkasar bahasa. Good luck sourcing and deciding on the most suitable door gift for your wedding! 😀

What’s the most unexpected door gift you have ever received?

Hope your Chinese New Year break has been productive this far, have a good weekend! ❤

3:5 for us?

My mat and I are simple individuals, though our interests may vary. We have come to an agreement to host a simple yet meaningful reception for our wedding.

Was glad that my mom have similar consensus – no need for gift trays/ gubahan hantaran or if we decide to have, keep it minimal. For instance, 3:5 or 5:7 (since girls will have to +2 from what she will be receiving and it’s supposed to be in odd numbers kan?). Less is more, isn’t it? Furthermore, lepas kahwin pun masih boleh belikan / exchange gifts. hehe

Though I want to keep the numbers low, I would prefer to engage vendors to have the gubahan done for me because… Lepas majlis nak simpan mana kan semua barang-barang tu? This is just my opinion, but all you other BTBs who have the luxury of space, time and patience to DIY, hats off to you.

I wouldn’t mind crafting my trays from scratch, but I’m always a bit too ambitious and then… I would ignore everyone and everything around me and be too engrossed in it. I’m the kind who would want to do something and finish it in a day. Senang kata nak cepat habis lah, but we all know it’s not possible with gift trays kan hahaha.

I can say this now, but who knows in time to come, I may change my mind? hahaha indecisive seh.

I have yet to decide on a theme for my wedding, so I don’t know what kind of gift trays would be suitable.

I’d really like to have something simple and classy. Maybe rustic? Or traditional (Seeeeee, I am that indecisive). Long way to go, so pelan-pelan kayuh lah kan.

I went to the kahwin-kahwin exhibition last month with my mat, my good friend and her partner. Alangkah terkejutnya that some couples dah secure vendors when their wedding is in 2017.


I forgot where or how that I started reading the kakak-kakak kahwin blogs, but I’ve been an avid reader of these kakak-kakak and sure I was happy and excited for them as they embark on a new phase in life! All the kakak-kakak are married, so I don’t have much kahwin-kahwin blogs to read now.

I’ve been with A only the past two years and we’ve had this wedding talks since forever (dah gatal agaknya). So since then, I’ve been prepping myself mentally by reading many blog entries that is made available in this kahwin-kahwin network. Physically and financially, I have yet to get started. Heh. I am in my early twenties and still in school (hahaha tapi dah miang nak kahwin!) and physically, I am not very fit either. Let’s just say… I am a potato. My /ehem/ prince charming is in his mid-twenties and erm… Sort of just completed his NS.

We already have a date in mind, that is XX-XX-2018. It is 3 years from now, but hey, it’s never too early to start on something right? Since the both of us have yet to start working full-time, this is us taking baby steps. Both our families are aware of each other’s presence. He have met everyone in my family, but I on the other hand, have yet to meet his. Hahahaha boleh gitu?

Well, that was quite a lengthy post. So, till then! 🙂